Visit Fort William, Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis in the Outdoor Capital of the UK

Mountain Gondola on Aonach Mor

Fort William has the only mountain gondola in Scotland. If you are excited about visiting some real mountains, and want to have a real mountain experience without expending any energy, then a trip up the Gondola to the mountain restaurant and shop is a great thing to do.

Once on the Gondola there are views all around as the cable car ride takes you to the mountain station at 2,200 feet above sea-level. You are never too far away from the ground, so don't let the idea of height put you off.

Once at the mountain station there are great short walks to very scenic locations which provide panoramic views over the Great Glen to Loch Lochy, and way into the distance west where you can view the mountains of Skye and the Isle of Rum.

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