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The Red Coats

The Red Coats

The Clans Of Lochaber

Historically people in the Higlands belongs to a clan system where they showed allegiance to their clan chief and fought great battles to defend their land.

The Gaelic word "clann" is translated into descendent, children or tribe.  Most members of a clan could claim to share a common descent, however remote, and therefore felt they belonged to an extended family.  The relationship would be strengthened by wearing a common tartan and sharing a common surname.  Most clans had a clan chief but it is wrong to say that everyone with the same surname belonged to the same clan - suffice it to say it's not straightforward.

The main clans associated with Lochaber are:

Cameron: One of the largest clans in number, the Camerons has proud and romantic history of association and loyalty to Stewart kings.  By all accounts they were the bravest fighters at Culloden.  The Clan Chief, known by the name "Locheil" lives at Achnacarry Castle.  Until 1745 the clan crest showed an arm holding a sword with the motto pro rege et Patria. Following 1745, another crest emerged with five arrows and the motto unite.  There are four tartans associated with the clan Cameron.


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